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Crypto Investor - Trade signals

Trade signals

Our innovative and leading software has been developed with a superior algorithm, which utilizes six trading indicators to analyze the crypto markets. As a result of this, trades are executed by the software based on profitable trading opportunities. With Crypto Investor, you can be sure to reduce trading risks, while boosting profitability.

Crypto Investor - Automated trading

Automated trading

Crypto Investor allows you to select either manual or automated trading modes. The auto trading mode sees the software analyze the markets and enter and exit trades for the user to ensure you earn profits all the time. Since the software does the market analysis and trading for you, even new traders can make money trading Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Crypto Investor - Privacy and safety

Privacy and safety

Crypto Investor takes security and confidentiality very seriously. As a result, we have adopted the strictest security measures and a streamlined verification process to help keep our members’ personal information safe. In addition, we have carefully selected only reputable brokers who provide our traders with access to trading platforms where cryptos are traded.

Real Crypto Investor testimonials from our members

Crypto Investor - Real Crypto Investor testimonials from our members
Tom H.
Boise, Idaho
Profit: €7,554.12

“I have been following the cryptocurrency space since 2018 but took the leap of faith to start trading in 2019. My best decision was choosing Crypto Investor. I am making so much money now that I quit my day job to focus on trading cryptocurrencies with this incredible software. Thanks to the developers for creating something so profitable. Cheers!”

Crypto Investor - Real Crypto Investor testimonials from our members
Sabrina D.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Profit: €3,678.59

“I gained financial freedom by using the Crypto Investor. The software has made it easier for me to make money, even with little trading skills and financial experience. The profits financed my home and my brick and mortar business. For beginners, Crypto Investor is the best trading software there is. Try it now, and you will not regret it in any way.”

Crypto Investor - Real Crypto Investor testimonials from our members
Diana T.
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Profit: €4,885.96

“After spending several years on Wall Street, I decided to enter the crypto space and it has worked out perfectly for me, thanks to the Crypto Investor. This software has everything one needs to succeed in the online cryptocurrency trading world. Regardless of your experience level, Crypto Investor is perfect for anyone and it really is profitable and easy to use.”

Crypto Investor - Real Crypto Investor testimonials from our members
Meghan V.
Hays, Kansas
Profit: €2,588.22

“When I first stumbled upon the Crypto Investor, things were really going tough for me. I was raising a kid by myself, and the bills kept piling up. Thanks to Crypto Investor, I am now earning more than enough to live a comfortable life and I can even save towards my son’s education. The amazing opportunities this software offers makes it unique and fantastic.”

Crypto Investor - Highly accurate trading robot

Highly accurate trading robot

Crypto Investor mitigates trading risks thanks to its highly accurate algorithm. The bot ensures that the accuracy level stands at 99.4%, which means that all trading signals generated result in profits. Even if you have never traded before, since the software does all the work for you, you can now succeed with ease.

Crypto Investor - Award-winning profitable trading app

Award-winning profitable trading app

Crypto Investor has become well-known globally and within the financial sector as a leading automated software for cryptos. It has won several accolades thanks to its superior and intuitive algorithm and accurate analysis. The impressive second time leap helps boost accuracy and as a result, profits are earned with ease.

Crypto Investor - Innovative trading application

Innovative trading application

Crypto Investor was recognized as the best trading software by the US Trading Association. It has been able to achieve recognition by being innovative and easy to use, with traders only needing to spend a few minutes per day to set their trading parameters. You too can become financially free today. Don’t miss out!

How do i start using Crypto Investor?

Step 1
Crypto Investor - Register a trading account

Register a trading account

First, navigate to the registration section on the Crypto Investor website and fill out the application form. Once submitted, wait for a verification email and you can then start using our software for free. We don’t charge for opening an account or for using our software.

Step 2
Crypto Investor - Deposit trading capital

Deposit trading capital

The second step is to deposit trading capital. The money will enable you to trade the cryptocurrencies on the brokerage platform. The minimum deposit requirement is $250, but you can add more to suit your trading style. You can withdraw your money plus earnings whenever you wish to.

Step 3
Crypto Investor - Start earning profits

Start earning profits

The final step is to set the software to the automated trading mode and to allow it to trade for you. The app begins scanning, analyzing and generating signals for you. It goes on to trade for you. In this way, you can simply enjoy the massive profits the software earns for you every day.

Crypto Investor - Crypto Investor Trading Software

Crypto Investor Trading Software

Crypto Investor empowers traders and investors to earn regular income via cryptocurrency trading by only putting in a few minutes of work each day and with minimal risk. The superior trading algorithm allows the software to analyze the markets faster and more accurately than any human can. It also enters into profitable trades for you when the right opportunities come up.

The software is user-friendly and convenient to use. You can use it on all device browsers with internet access, including your mobile phone. Over the past few years, Crypto Investor has won several rewards thanks to its high accuracy rate and intuitively designed interface. Most of our users earn over $1,000 per day. Signup now!

Crypto Investor - Is Crypto Investor a Scam?

Is Crypto Investor a Scam?

Crypto Investor is not a scam. It is a legit way of earning consistent profits from online cryptocurrency trading. Most of our users report making thousands of dollars in pure profits per day. These amazing results have led the US Trading Association to recognize Crypto Investor as the top trading software currently available.

Our automated trading app has an accuracy level of 99.4%, which means that users rarely lose. Also, the software has a second time leap, allowing it to stay ahead of the market and to identify profitable trading opportunities even before the market makes its move. The software operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In this way, traders don’t miss out on any lucrative trading opportunities available in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

Crypto Investor - The Origins of Our Powerful Software

The Origins of Our Powerful Software

Crypto Investor allows anyone to leverage the profitable revolution within the cryptocurrency markets. About ten years ago, Bitcoin was launched as the first of many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto (the mysterious founder of this digital asset). Satoshi mined the first block, also called the Genesis block in January 2009. Since then, the value of the novel digital currency has been rising, reaching a peak level of $20,000 in 2017. This massive surge in price saw several early investors become multi-millionaires.

In 2010, Bitcoin recorded its first real-world use case when Laslo Hanyecz used the cryptocurrency to pay for two pizzas. It was in this year that cryptocurrency exchanges started to emerge and by 2013, there were already ten different cryptocurrencies available in the markets. Since then, more cryptocurrencies have been created, and we now have over 2,000 of them.

Over the past decade, the adoption of cryptos into the mainstream financial sector has been increasing. The adoption rate continues to grow as more shops, brands, and networks accept these currencies as a means of payment for goods and services. These developments were instrumental in the surge in the demand for cryptocurrencies, leading to an upward increase in the value of these assets. As a result of this growth and demand, the future of digital currencies looks bright and it would be a bad idea for you to miss out on these golden opportunities to earn real profits trading cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the developers, Crypto Investor gives you an edge over others by the software’s ability to automatically execute profitable trades for you. This reduces the risks involved in trading and enhances the profits you make. The best part of it is that you don’t need a vast understanding of the financial markets before you can use our software and make money.

What is Crypto Investor?

Crypto Investor is an automated application that generates accurate and profitable signals for the cryptocurrency markets. The app automatically scans the markets, analyzes the various data, and finds lucrative trading opportunities. Once the trading signals are generated, the software will trade the assets based on your trading parameters. The software is capable of operating with zero human intervention.

The automation of trades on this software means that traders of all levels have the capacity to successfully use Crypto Investor to earn consistent and passive profits trading crypto assets. The trading parameters of the software can be adjusted at any time to fit the market conditions and your personal trading preferences. Also, the user-interface has been designed to make it responsive and easy to use. Take action today: join the Crypto Investor community and take control of your financial future.

Why Crypto Investor is a top-notch software

Our trading software is leading the way in the cryptocurrency industry because of the powerful and versatile features it offers to users.
Here is what the Crypto Investor has to offer:

Free Software

You don’t have to be concerned about fees or commissions when using Crypto Investor. There is no sign-up fee, and no withdrawal and deposit charges. Also, we don’t have monthly or annual software subscription fees. The user keeps all profits they earn and they can withdraw these funds at any time, hassle-free.


Numerous Cryptos

Crypto Investor allows you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Some of the digital currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. The available fiat currencies include the US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Swiss franc (CHF) and many more.


Web-Based App

Users don’t have to be concerned about downloading or updating any software. The app is web-based, which means it can be accessed from a browser on any device with internet access. It works on multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Highly Effective Trade Signals

Trading risks are minimized when using the Crypto Investor software. The app has an accuracy level of 99.4%, which means the trading signals generated are highly accurate and efficient. Virtually, all your trades will end profitably.


Straightforward Signup Process

Signing up with Crypto Investor is a straightforward process. The procedure involves completing a short application form and submitting the required information. It is safe to open an account and there are no fees attached to the process.


Consistent Earnings

The accuracy level of 99.4% means that traders can always count on Crypto Investor to earn consistent profits while trading digital currencies. The automated software scans the market 24/7 and generates profitable signals every day of the week, day and night.


Streamlined Verification Procedure

Our verification steps have been simplified to make it easy and safe for everyone who joins the Crypto Investor platform. The process involves submitting accurate financial and personal information to ensure that your profits are returned to the rightful owner of the account. The process has been designed to make it as swift as possible to verify your account.


Easy Withdrawals and Deposits

Depositing funds and withdrawing them on Crypto Investor are hassle-free and straightforward processes. There are no commissions for carrying out either of the transactions. For withdrawals, you will receive the funds within 24 hours of submitting a withdrawal request. Our platform accepts the leading credit and debit card. We also accept e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.


Demo Account

The demo account is an excellent function that allows you to use Crypto Investor software to test your trading strategies without losing real money. You can tweak your trading strategies and learn how the platform works using the virtual funds on demo accounts. This is an excellent way to practice before committing real money.


Customer Service

Crypto Investor has the best customer support team in the industry. The staff are highly competent and provide professional services. We help customers solve any issues they encounter and answer questions they might have. The support team is available in 20 languages and operates 24/7.


Low Minimum Deposit

Crypto Investor wishes for everyone to access the benefits within the crypto markets. As a result, we have made the minimum deposit required to be only $250. In addition, the trades start at $25 per trade.

Crypto Investor - Key Components

Crypto Investor has won several awards and is regarded as one of the best trading software currently available.
It has become the leading cryptocurrency trading application because of these critical features:

Crypto Investor - Backstaging Feature

Backstaging Feature

Crypto Investor has a backstaging component that allows you to test the trading parameters you choose based on historical market data. This feature helps traders adjust their trading criteria to optimize their potential trading results and to enhance profits.

Crypto Investor - Demo Account

Demo Account

Our software comes with demo accounts that are equipped with all the features of the live trading account. However, demo accounts are funded with virtual money. In this way, you can learn more about our platform and how it works without putting any money on the line. It also gives you the opportunity to test your trading strategies and select the best one to use for efficient results.

Crypto Investor - Live Trading

Live Trading

After using the backstaging function and demo account to try out different trading strategies, you can use the live trading feature to trade cryptocurrencies with real money. The live mode enables you to trade the cryptos and fiat currencies on the platform. The best part is there are zero charges and commissions for trading with us. Traders get to keep all their earnings and can withdraw them at will.

Crypto Investor - Automated Trading

Automated Trading

This is an excellent feature of the live trading mode that allows the software to trade for you in order to maximize your profits. In this way, you don’t need to spend an entire day in front of a computer looking for trading opportunities. The auto trading function scans the market all day long, analyzes the market data, and produces profitable trading signals. It goes on to trade those signals when they match your trading parameters. The auto trading mode will ensure accurate trading decisions and no human emotions can impact these trades. The end result is real profits for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much money is obtainable using Crypto Investor?

The profit you make depends on various factors, including the amount you deposit, your risk level, how much you stake per trade, and more. However, most of our members earn over $1,300 consistently per day.


What is the expected working time to earn good profits?

Using the Crypto Investor requires almost no effort at all, and you get to enjoy regular profits from trading cryptos. Our members work for approximately 20 minutes each day, which they use to monitor the software and adjust their trading preferences. The automated feature takes over and starts trading on your behalf. To sum it up, the Crypto Investor software does all the hard work for you.


What is the maximum sum of money I can earn from the software?

There is no maximum amount of money a trader can earn using this novel and innovative software. Our members are reporting earning $1,300 or more per day with Crypto Investor. Several of them became self-made millionaires within a few months of using this powerful trading application.


Is the trading software legitimate and safe to use?

The Crypto Investor software is a secure and legitimate software that allows people to earn consistent profits from cryptocurrency trading. Many users of this powerful software have become financially free by generating tens of thousands of dollars per month, thanks to the advanced algorithm of Crypto Investor. With an accuracy level of 99.4%, the risk level is minimal and the profits margin is high.

5. How was the Crypto Investor software developed?

6. Will Crypto Investor cost me any money to use?

7. Does Crypto Investor have any link with affiliate marketing or MLM?

8. Will I be charged any type of commission for using the software?

9. How do I start using the Crypto Investor?

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